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All idioms which begin with the letter " A " part 4 Answers on a postcard
    This idiom can be used to suggest that the answer to something is very obvious or that the person would really like to hear what people think.
Ants in your pants
    If someone has ants in their pants, they are agitated or excited about something and can't keep still.
Any port in a storm
    This means that in an emergency any solution will do, even one that would normally be unacceptable.
Any Tom, Dick or Harry
    If something could be done by any Tom, Dick or Harry, it could be done by absolutely anyone.
Apple of your eye
    Something or, more often, someone that is very special to you is the 'apple of your' eye.
Apple pie order
    Everything is in perfect order and tidy if it is in apple pie order.
Apples and oranges
    Tis used when people compare or describe two totally different things. ('Apples to oranges' is also used.)
Apples for apples
    An apples for apples comparison is a comparison between related or simialr things. ('Apples to apples' is also used.)
Apron strings
    A man who is tied to a woman's apron strings is excessively dependent on her, especially when it is his mother's apron strings.
Argue the toss
    (UK) If you argue the toss, you refuse to accept a decision and argue about it.
Arm and a leg
    If something costs an arm and a leg, it is very expensive.
Armchair critic
    An armchair critic is someone who offers advice but never shows that they could actually do any better.
Armed to the teeth
    If people are armed to the teeth, they have lots of weapons.
Around the clock
    If something is open around the clock, it is open 24 hours a day. For example, an airport is open around the clock.
Arrow in the quiver
    An arrow in the quiver is a strategy or option that could be used to achieve your objective.
As a rule
    If you do something as a rule, then you usually do it.
As cold as ice
    This idiom can be used to describe a person who does not show any emotion.
As cold as stone
    If something is as cold as stone, it is very cold. If a person is as cold as stone, they are unemotional.
As cool as a cucumber
    If someone is as cool as a cucumber, they don't get worried by anything.
As good as new
    If something has been used but is still in extremely good condition, it is as good as new.
As mad as a hatter
    This simile means that someone is crazy or behaves very strangely. In the past many people who made hats went insane because they had a lot of contact with mercury.
As mad as a wrongly shot hog

    (USA) If someone is as mad as a wrongly shot hog, they are very angry. (Same as, Angry as a bear or Angry as a bull).
As much use as a chocolate fire-guard
    A fire-guard is used in front of a fireplace for safety. A chocolate fire-guard is of no use. An alternative to 'As much use as a chocolate teapot'.
As much use as a chocolate teapot
    Something that is as much use as a chocolate teapot is not useful at all.
As much use as a handbrake on a canoe
    This idiom is used to describe someone or something as worthless or pointless.
As neat as a new pin
    This idiom means tidy and clean.
As one man
    If people do something as one man, then they do it at exactly the same time or in complete agreement.
As the actress said to the bishop
    (UK) This idiom is used to highlight a sexual reference, deliberate or accidental.
As the crow flies
    This idiom is used to describe the shortest possible distance between two places.
As you sow, so shall you reap
    This means that if you do bad things to people, bad things will happen to you, or good things if you do good things.
Asleep at the switch
    If someone is asleep at the switch, they are not doing their job or taking their responsibilities very carefully. 'Asleep at the wheel' is an alternative.
Asleep at the wheel
    If someone is asleep at the wheel, they are not doing their job or taking their responsibilities very carefully. 'Asleep at the switch' is an alternative.
At a drop of a dime
    (USA) If someone will do something at the drop of a dime, they will do it instantly, without hesitation.
At a loose end
    (UK) If you are at a loose end, you have spare time but don't know what to do with it.
At a loss

    If you are at a loss, you are unable to understand or comply.
At a snail's pace
    If something moves at a snail's pace, it moves very slowly.
At arm's length
    If something is at arm's length, it is a safe distance waway from you.
At arm's length
    Keep somebody at arm's length means not allowing somebody to be become to friendly with you or close to you.
At cross purposes
    When people are at cross purposes, they misunderstand each other or have different or opposing objectives.
At daggers drawn
    If people are at daggers drawn, they are very angry and close to violence.

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