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Russian and Ukraine language difference big? word is same? I thought the pronunciation is possibly dissimilar,i just from movie distinguishes these.
Sep 16, 2008 3:21 AM
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Natural ukrainian is different from russian by pronunciation (ukranian pr-n is more soft and melodical) and lexicon. Of course, russian speakers can understand this language. But i'd like to compare ukranian also with polish.

I think to learn both of these languages at the same time is too hard, the learner can be confused by differences and similarities. And choosing really depends on needs. Don't waste time for learing russian if you need to know ukranian.

P. S. Currently I am  living in Ukraine the longest part of my life, i have studied ukranian in the school, but i cannot get good ukranian although my mother tongue is russian.
January 25, 2009
Some difference is it...but some of words is extremelly ukrainian....i suppose the biggest problemm is when people hate to speak russian, but they could understand the question easy... so  in communication is no problemm at all...if all the nation would talk with the native origin words, no one could understand each other  
December 16, 2008
hello, i`m from Ukraine, but my native language is Russian. Know both languages, but prefer Russian.
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December 14, 2008
Russian and Ukraining languages are in the same family, it is a bit like Portugese and Spanish, speakers of both can understand each other, but written words can be very different and for foreign speakers  Generally, Russian is more widely spoken. Practically everyone in Ukraine can speak standard Russian or with accent.  And about hald of population in Ukraine can only speak Russian.  But Ukrainian language can be very interesting from linguistic point of view.  It is older than modern Russian. It also has additional vocabulary borrowed from surrounding countries such as Poland, Hungary, Romania. 

It is easier to learn Russian simply because there is more literature and tutorials for Russian.  
I found this site recently, they even teach you how to date someone in Russian :-)
November 23, 2008
if you choose between learning russian or ukrainian - learn russian, definitely.
November 4, 2008
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