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have you ever quarreled with your parents?  there have always been some reasons of quarelling with my  parents. for me ,it's not  an expection. but i  don't hope that  parents  always intervened  my life. i know  they love me,but.. may be we need more understand.
what do you do when you quarreled with your parents?
19 sep 2008 12:14
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when i was young,i always quarrel with my  parents about my studying .but now i have no chance to quarrel with them,we have not seen each other for 2 years.i miss them very much.i hope they can quarrel with me now.
26 september 2008
i have apologized to them. and i agree  the "shut up" is a good way  to quit quarrel. hehe, because it will keep our clam and  leave time to think who is wrong or right..^^
24 september 2008
that it seems natural.. hahaha
23 september 2008
Of course, in adolencence, like everyone i suppose. But i drove them so crazy that ultimately they leaving me in peace.
22 september 2008
when I was grow up graduated from college and started to work, I never quarreled with my parents, because work place and home are in the different city and to be apart long distance, only one time to go home every year. sometimes remind of childhood, I think I was very fool to quarreled with my parents. Even quarreled with them, I thought I have enough reason and I always believed I’m right they are wrong, turn back to see these stories, i ‘m wrong which answer I found since I entered to the society.
 No matter what happened with your parents, I think their purpose were kind for you, don’t always quarreled with them, they are the best one who are love you in the world, quarrel will only hurt you and them, please quiet hear what they say no matter they are right or wrong, and then talk out your opinion.
22 september 2008
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