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learn thease! Men-I                          Biz-we
Sen-you                     Siz-you (for adult)
U  - he/she/it             Ular-they
Sep 20, 2008 9:39 AM
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I made some misspellings.  "thought" should be taught. "forfot" should have been forgot
April 24, 2010
How come Turks all around world forfot the mother tonge word when it comes to "student"?

In Turkey, we used to use the Arabic word Talebe (or you say talaba)?  Before the islam,  I guess we did not have students in thousands years.  Now, we use
the word "ogrenci"  in Turkey.  it comes from ogrenmek (to learn). 

Still there is no Turkish word for Kitap.  You are calling it, kitob.  I guess we were "kitabsiz" before Islam.  I am sure defter and kalem are also  Arabic words . We call it  defter and kalem.  What do you call to school?  Mektep?  We call it "okul" now.  it comes from okumak (to read).  We must be very stupid before Arabs thought us those concepts.    Did you ever think about that?  If there were Turkish words for those, how come we forgot them? 
April 24, 2010

I am a Turk from Turkey. You speak all of those languages but we have troble understanding each other .is.  how is this possible?

 Men = Ben         Biz= Biz         Mening = Benim     Bu= Bu?=Su (S has a hook underneath)

Sen = Sen          Siz = Siz         Sizing =  Sizin
U = O                   Ular= Onlar Ularing = Onlarin
April 24, 2010
Bu mining daftarim
Bu sining qalaming
Bu bizning partamiz
man english kitobim ni yahxi koriman
January 13, 2010

Kitob        -   a book             
daftar      -    a notebook                              
parta       -     a desk              
stol         -      a table   
qalam    -       a pencil
ruchka    -       a pen 

September 20, 2008
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