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Translate questions

Hi everyone!, while try to translate some italki items, I often want to make them heard reasonable & as similar as Vietnamese as well so feel really difficult. I think you will be, too.
This topic for everyone can help each other to find out the best answer for those problems

Ok, For the first example, I hope you will suggest for me about it

Contributions of "Learn {0}, Using {1}" - italki Knowledge
(Link: - translate page 73)
May I use this way when translate the sentence above: 

Các đóng góp (đã có) trong "Sử dụng {1}, để học {0}" - Kiến thức italki

Pls pay attention, The {1} is placed before {0}
I don't know it will have any problem for system or not.


Sep 20, 2008 2:05 PM
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oh , I c but why we do that ? for Vietnamese ? I know that's your sentiments  towards all are quite precious . But sorry , no need to do that because we come italki to learn a foreign language , especially English , so I think try to read in English 's also the best way to learn . ok ?

Thank you .
September 25, 2008
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