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Non-native translators With all due respect to people who try to translate stuff, but please stick to your native language when translating stuff. Italki is made in such a way that the already translated phrases are moved towards the back. However, some Yugoslavian girl (ana zdral) has been translating Dutch phrases recently, probably by throwing stuff into "google translate" and now I have to go to the back to find every single wrong translation which is, to be honest, a pain in the ass. I also noticed that she just copy-pastes my already correct translations just so she can get a top position here. Now that's less of a concern than the amount of work it'll take me to find all the wrong translations.
Sep 20, 2008 4:42 PM
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for me, i want to translate the other language by myself, but i just stop as you said, i have not enough ability to do, maybe one day i will, so can you give me a chance at that time?...(*^__^*) ....
October 10, 2008
u r doing well my friend
September 28, 2008
Sure, thanks and all but the amount of mistakes in her translations make it really tedious for me. In other words, I will not translate anymore because it takes too much time to find all the errors she made.
September 22, 2008
Hi, Harregarre. I agree with your idea that members should try to translate the English items into their first and second native languages. But thanks Ana for trying to help italki. Thanks to Harregarre, Nona and all other translators who are helping italki. 
September 22, 2008
I think you are right
September 22, 2008
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