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1-A Task A:Content maintenance &Translation

Task A: Content maintenance &Translation

A-1.Content Maintenance

There are mainly four sections on italki that you can help italki manage as a language moderator, Files, Answers, Knowledge and Resources.



Files is the platform for members to share their language learning resources with easy download and upload. To help italki manage this section, you can help with uploading files, rating good files and reporting inappropriate files.

Upload files

If you have any file related with learning foreign languages or foreign cultures that you think will help other italki members learn languages, please click Upload Files and then submit it.

Rate files

There are a lot of members helping italki upload useful files. Please rate those files and give them star credits depend on their usefulness, correctness and timeliness. Five stars stands for the highest quality while one star specifies the lowest quality.

Report inappropriate files

If you have found some inappropriate files with insulting or disrespectful contents, please report their link and the sender to We will delete those files from italki as quickly as we can.


A-1-2 Answers

To help those members in Answers, you can help them with either question about using italki website or about learning your native languages.

The most active members will be shown in Top Members of italki.



Visit the Knowledge page first. Select the language (Your native language or the language you want to learn. There are mainly two types of knowledge pages, Wiki and Contribution. Every member has the right to edit a Wiki page. And only authorized members who have been approved by the creator the Contribution pages have the right to edit them.

Moderators can help italki with the following tasks:

-Rate the Knowledge web pages according to their correctness and usefulness.

-Create new Knowledge (Either Wiki or Contribution). For more information on how you can create a Knowledge page, please visit the guide at


If you have any problem with creating Knowledge pages, please contact


A-1-4 Resources

To moderate italki language resources, you will have to send a request to with the title of Language Resource Management Application.

Please write down you the language you want to learn and also the base language, your italki display name and registration email. We will set the qualified candidate as the moderator of the language resources page within 2 to 3 working days.


Part 2: Translation

To make italki more user-friendly, italki will keep adding more language versions for the website. To help italki with translations, please visit

Follow all the instructions and make a contribution to the italki community.

Sep 22, 2008 5:13 AM
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