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the happiness with islam

the happiness with islam

Happiness is a great thing and a request all the people around the world but it is not easy to get it because it is found in one thing while many people look for it with wrong way. They think that they will be happy if they achieve their desires and that is the basic cause for many problems in the unbelieving society such as marrige problems and the problems between the nieghbors like what we have seen in (Dr Phill) programme.

When the islam came resolved all the ways which lead to those problems

Sothe muslims feel comfortable in his/her life also we feel happy because we have a goal in our life and try to get allah satisfaction, in the other hand the unbelievers feel messed because they are aimless and that is why the suicide is widespread in their society though they have  money but can not buy the happiness and have a night club so they can do what ever they desires. I have an example (there was an islamic propagandist and he was so sick so he went to london for curing, when the doctor of hospital saw him, said(A) r u muslim?

The islamic propagandist(B);yes

(A)The doctor;look, i want to ask you something. I have alot of money, a high certification and a distinguished(notable,eminent) job and drink wine and have tries all kind of enjoyments of life but iam not happy and i do not feel comfortable so what do you think the reason behind that?

(B)The islamic propagandist ;i will ask you and please answer me.if you want to amuse your eyes what do you do?

(A);i look at a beautiful view or woman

(B); if you want to amuse your ears what do you do?

(A); i listen to music

(B); if you want to amuse your nose what do you do?

(A)i smell flowers

(B) so can you amuse your eyes by listening to music

(A)no because every organ has its thing which makes it comfortable

(B)so when you do all those thing you do not make your heart comfort.

You just make those organs have to know that everything has its enjoyment and the heart enjoyment is being muslim by sayin(la ilah ila allah, mohamed rassol allah).

They know that islam is the best way to be happy or to solve thier problems but they do not believe because they think that islam restricts(arrests)them to do their mundane desires.

Sep 23, 2008 1:13 PM
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sunny look
these punishments are not existed alot in islamic country because we could get rid of them by islamic rules
if u want to know many things about islam .dont look for it from punishments because there are nt alot crimes here.just look from it from positive window coz when u get in islam u will do it for doing sins
islam is religion of i think u cant imagin that

when i think in our life i always ask why am i here?i find the answer in the islam
sunny plz be relastic and think well in islam
i dont invite u to islam. i just want u to take a nice picture about islam
September 28, 2008
all what u say is right and we dont have religious prejudience i just want to let u know more about islam we are so freedom but in some limits which doesnt offend the instructions of islam
about love.there is a love in islam but also in limits i mean we cant take our sweatheart on apicinc and do something illegal
(do you think true love can be controlled/killed by this)
if the man love the woman and then got married .he will not betray his husband.we dont do that for controlling the love we do that to prevent breaking out this sin(defect)
about freedom. the freedom in islam is existed but in limits as i said i mean we cant go to night club to dance with woman do u know why?because that leads to many sins
September 28, 2008
so when someone(esp young child)do sth wrong first,their parents will  punish them severely,in case happen  again,or worse。we know that‘s good for them,for after the age of 18,there is certain place for crime:prison,or even death
that is right . we also do the same thing
September 28, 2008
“if a man did a mistake with a woman.if he is married and didnt repent the punishment will be stoned to death....”
how to judge he‘s repented or not really?
do you think true love can be controlled/killed by this?
i seemes to me that love in islam without freedom。why not tell us  more about your love and marriage?
September 28, 2008
“sunny tell me what is ur religion?do u worship 
the sun or the moon or 
idol is made of stone and rock or nothing?”

i worship the sun or the moon,the water,the air ect.......they give our world。
i never worship any  human being(or anyform of humman)cos no one is perfect。
i am unbeliever,
i believe nothing,while i beliver everything,as long as good enough。i think there must be many good beliefs in islam,good people in Muslim,and maybe some pary of me(unbeliever) is muslim。
the different we have no religion prejudience,more freedom,open。
as times different ,we grow day by day,fome different view of the world,some fomer belive maybe deep,maybe gone。
only truth,never change。
September 28, 2008
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