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three friends visit on a watch shop.owner of the shop was launching so his staff sells out a watch to tham on the price of Rs.30.Rs.10 were given by each to buy the watch. when owner of the shop come back,staff tells him the whole story than owner replied that u have taken Rs.10 more than the actual cost so go and refund tham Rs.10.
staff runs after tham and Returns Rs.6 saying that he has taken Rs.6 excess from tham and he spends Rs.4 on when staff returns tham Rs.6 they again devide the same and keeps Rs.2 each with him.
so the cost of watch would be Rs.8 for tham. so when i tally the whole amount i found Rs.2 short becoz 8x3=24
(amount given by friends) and Rs.4 was spent by staff, including both it would be Rs.28 (24+4).
so plz help to find the missing Rs.2.
best of luck

Sep 24, 2008 3:53 PM
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i'm fine tnx for asking , by the way i sent to you a message did see it?
September 24, 2008
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