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hello friends....
now its time to 'share your views' i'll give you a topic and you people jst hv to give your views on it.......and you can also comment on anyone's views if you disagree...i m going to start it with general topic......plzz share your views....


Sep 26, 2008 3:53 AM
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oh,it depends on d period which we ar gettin through.
at d begainin,we'd better work hard.coz of no enogh experience to work intelligently.
however,after d collect of rich experince,smarter work is possible to be done which is also d way to improve workin efficiency.
October 6, 2008
so what is the next subject that we will talk about?
October 6, 2008
i agree with bosy ..the both is important n we need the both ,,

also i think  nowaday peoples like smart more than that  

no meny chanse for working ..n meny not want to want to work hard ...

they want pay only n quikly that for life ..

also at finally  hard work depend on the kind of work n this depend on the kind of studies 

   to can fine place there for hard work.....
October 5, 2008
we need the both smart work and hard work. to work hard but  without smart , it is meaningless,and also ther are some people who are very smart but donot want to work hard so they wonot be successfull.
October 4, 2008
ih .how are you
October 4, 2008
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