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Because You're Beautiful (Poetry) I like this Poem .. I hope you like it too .. 
Enjoy =)

Because you’re Beautiful
This poem’s addressed
To you
Because you’re beautiful
No matter what
You do
Because you’re beautiful
The sun rises
Every day
Because you’re beautiful
The mist shrouds a
Dreamy day
Because you’re beautiful
A blossom blooms and holds
Its scent
Because you’re beautiful
Songs sung in your heart
Are meant
Because you’re beautiful
Reflections shine
And glint
Because you’re beautiful
Poems are written
Heaven sent
Because you are beautiful
This is all that this
Poem’s said
Just in case you may have
Any doubt
This poem's heaven sent
To tell you
You are beautiful
And that is what this poem
Is about.

David Taylor

Sep 26, 2008 11:13 AM
Comments · 14
thanks for sharing beautiful poem.
July 9, 2009

I like see  arabic Poetry for you

January 16, 2009
Sorry for my late to answer
It´s really beautiful
Go on! 
November 28, 2008
we are looking for more ...

thank you
November 23, 2008

Thanks a lot  for you all 
Nice passing
lots of respect

October 30, 2008
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