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assalamualaikum i'm anna from malaysia. i really  want to learn how to speak in arabic and also i want a teacher who can teach me reciting holy quran well. 
 And i want to ask whether all country that used arabic language is using the same pronunciation.

thanks you very much.
Sep 26, 2008 4:19 PM
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Hi anna i can help you ok just wait me ok
October 27, 2008
hi r u ..hey plxx teach me how 2 speak arabiC language.....thanx
October 25, 2008
 Salam alykum
very good goal link to know Quran better

not all arab speak the same, i can but them in 4 main sectors (but can be more)

Gulf (the GCC countries + Iraq + Yemen)
Sham countries (Lebanon+Syrya+Phlastine+Jordan)
Egypt and Sudan
Morocco + Tunisia+Alegerya and Lybya

I think the easy one is the Egypt, because of thier movies and perhaps other reason

however all arab can understand each other pronunciation even some time tough for some words.

the pure Arabic no one use it (only on some Historical movies)

take care and inshalla your Arabic will be great if you stick to Quran arabic (this is the perfect one)

September 26, 2008
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