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I've learned a lot here. Especially about how religious people view non-religious people. I always felt like this already when religious people talk about atheism, but it's interesting to see it confirmed here. According to religious people, atheists are:

- animals (v. persie)
- always unhappy (v. persie)
- lost (several people)
- unsatisfied (v. persie)
- have no hearts (multani)
- plotting against believers (v. persie)
- cheaters (v. persie)
- killers (v. persie)
- alcoholics (v. persie)
- rapists (v. persie)
- thieves (v. persie)
- "shit" ??? (v.persie again)

Also, according to multani atheists should just die. ("Hold breath until heart stops to beat.")

I'm sorry but is this how tolerant religious people are? Do you guys still not understand why so many people become atheists?
Sep 27, 2008 3:35 PM
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get a room you guys
October 3, 2008
do you know Harregarre ,you need to listen for your heart and see the world,without allah ,we can never  live;
i wish for you a light in your life;
anyway can't understand religion without thinking in The universe;
October 1, 2008
 You are right about what you said: [everyone has the right to give thumbs up or thumbs down, thats why this system is there...] .. not fair (-) when he just talks about personal views or experiences! ...
Sorry multani if I mistaked indirectly .. Hey by the way; my pseudo is Wanna_learn :-p if you have something against what I said I'll be glad if you tell me :-))
October 1, 2008
 Ok ok multani !!    you forgot to leave me the link !!   I think I can guess what was Harregarre's attitude & what was the debate about [he just assumes the worst possibility and accuses us] hehe told you ! ..Look my brother multani; when I said it's unfair to give him a thumb(-) .. I meant not eveytime seeing Harre's answer, even it doesn't speak about political or religious matters! ..
October 1, 2008
Yes I know that! One day I quarreled with him about 1/2 + 1/2 = 1 (sourat nissa 11/12)but he said Math is wrong!!!
I think also that Atheists are misbehaving more than muslims do in some situations .. but I think it's not fair to just tell him bad words in some topics because of his answers or a thumb (-) & not answering him with proofs (he call the proof a copy-pasting operation .. or defending like few people do here):-p

I wasn't reffering to you multani! If I were, I would say: Hey multani ... 
Wanna_learn :-))
September 30, 2008
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