colors and traditions---red   red is the color of auspiciousness or green fortune.this is why the traditional chinese wedding colors r red.the bride is dressed in a red qipao,or long form-fitting gown.the groom wears a big red sash with a bow over his long black gown.(nowadays,many bride and grooms also wear white wedding gowns and tuxedos like in the west,but they will always have a traditional chinese red custume to change into after the formal exchange of vows.)
  babies and anything associated with fertility is also symbolizaed by red.for example,a new mother will give out hard-boiled eggs dyed red to all her friends.in this way she is thought to pass on her fertility and good fortune to them.
  additionally,red is thought to ward off evil and bad luck.the chinese believe that one is typically unluckey in the zodiac year in which one was born.for example,if u r born in the year of the dog,then every dog year is considered especially dangerous for u.in order to protect themselves in their zodiac year,many chinese wear bright red underwear all year round.
Sep 30, 2008 6:23 AM
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how i know what's my year with chinese?
October 22, 2008
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