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numbers and meanings

the number 4 is an unluckey number in chinese.the word "four"is a homonym for the noun"death"or the verb "to die."therefore,some chinese prefer not to live at places that have a number 4 in the address.
by the same token ,number s like 14 and 44 r also inauspicious and avoided.some hotels in china now dont  even have a 44th floor because many chinese guests would not want to stay on it.
the number 8 ,on the other hand,is a very luckey sounds like the word "geting rich"in chinese,especially in cantonese.there for ,businesses love to have the number 8 in any part of their address or phone number.they believe that the usage of the number 8 will actually bring them good luck and fact ,people will spend more money to buy phone numbers and license plates that if u see a license plate that has the number 8 for all its numberals,u can be sure the person is a businessman who spent a fortune for it!similary, a real estate property with an 8 in its addredd will be in greater demand.
the number 6 is also a favorable sounds like the word "happiness"in chinese.

Sep 30, 2008 6:39 AM
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ok...maybe its ur unlucky number:)
October 4, 2008
How about number 9? Iam always not Lucky with number 9 =P hha
October 4, 2008
well,people usually prefer the arabic numbers in their dayly life,its much easier.
and often they will use the chinese 一,二,三. 四,五,六,七,八,九in formal cases like documents and so on.
but when they fill in the invoices and cheque etc.,they will use another form of chinese to replace  the 一,二,三etc. to avoid mistakes.and also avoid someone to obliterate and change the numbers in illegal purpose.they r 零,壹,贰,叁,肆,伍,陆,柒,捌,玖(0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)
October 4, 2008
Chinese people usually write numbers in arabic numebrs (european 1 2 3 4 etc) or they used own chinese 一 二 etc ?
October 3, 2008
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