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iam just joking i know it is not the suitable place to play but i like the members here
my jok is that everybody choose one of the member here and try to suggest how was his/her childhood
remeber my friends iam just kidding
first i will choose one of my best friend here(italktiv)i hope that he doesnt angre

i think he has a big mouth and lips.but he was silent and someday while he was walking in the street he crashed in the wall so he has become talktive(iam just jokking)
Sep 30, 2008 3:53 PM
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hi everybody
well, I'll talk about my friend flower_bloom who i know her nicely, and i think she was naughty girl when she was as child , she liked playing with just boys in a football team, someday while she was playing with them a football match when she gave a goal to other team, and everyone in her team was hate her.
from that day she remembered to be as a girl and now she's training to bloom as flower( just I'm joking)

October 12, 2008
here i will imagin nada
nada plz dont rage
i think she looks serious and doesnt laugh at all
also she has a sphycological problem in his life because she was pampered and has a big heart hide a big secret no one knows it but only the close people his heart is like a well
her apperance i think she has a short hair like a man and has an angry mouth

dont be angry iam just jokking
October 6, 2008
what do u mean james?
October 6, 2008
and people said the British sense of humour was bizarre ......
October 6, 2008
ok friends now it is my turn
i will imagine harregare he had a big head and no brain(empty) a tall tangue
October 3, 2008
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