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Fruity Symbolism APPLE
   apples symbolize safety and peace in China because the Chinese word for apple,ping guo,shares the same sound as the word for safety,ping an.Accordingly,apples r a welcome fruit in winter,esp. during Chinese New Year celebration .Most families will have a big plate of apples on prominent display.By having apples at home ,the Chinese hope to have a New Year free of troubles and turbulence.
pears r not used as gifts or displays Chinese holidays.This is because pears r called li in Chinese and this is the same sound as the word for "seperation."Therefore ,it is traditionally bad luck to have pears during family celebrations and holidays.
   The Chinese believe peaches r one of the healthiest fruits a person can eat,and that they will extend one's lifespan if eaten regularly.For that reason,peaches r a symbol of longevity.They r great giftes for elderly people because they serve to wish them a long and healthy life.
  its easy to figure out why pomegranates r luckey fruits!Its many seeds mean fertility in China.Traditionally,the Chinese believe it is a blessing to have many children and grandchildren.even today,despite the government's"one-child"policy for each is still a good gesture to give pomegranates as gifts to newlywed couples.
Oct 1, 2008 3:50 AM
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