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luis javier
french -english-spanish
1.thanks =merci =gracias
2-de nada=welcome= de rien
3-oui=yes =si = shi de
4.hi = hola =salud
5-bonjour=good morning=buenos dias
6-ils sont jumelles=they're twins=son gemelas
7-ton prénom et ton age=ur name and age=tu nombre y edad
8-tell me how can i say= dis moi, comment je peux dire=dime como puedo decir
9-thanks =merci =gracias
10.merci pour tout= thanks for all!=gracias por todo
11.ok have a nice dreams=ten dulces sueños= bons reves
12.estas ocupada=you re busy??= tu es occupée?
French –spanish- english
Oct 1, 2008 7:02 PM
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Hi Javier,

would you please note the following:

6- ils sont jumeaux (masculin pluriel)  / elles sont jumelles (fémnin pluriel) for they are twins
11-  nice or sweet dreams = beaux rêves
12- are you busy? = es tu occupée?

October 2, 2008
luis javier
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