what to do when you love someone but.... <p>what to do when you love someone that you know that he/she feels something special for you. but you feel that he/she is still inmature, and want to experience many relations; before having somenthing  serious with you.this is about a couple that had a relation years ago but its over long time ago ....though any time they get together there is "something" really special between them .WHAT TO DO FORGET HIM? OR ..TRY TO FIGHT FOR THEIR LOVE??? ....PLEASE HELP ME!!!!</p>
Oct 2, 2008 5:06 AM
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İf   someone  deserved to be loved, he  or  she  must  back to  you otherwise forget him/her with  making  yourself busy with sth. untill  to  find  someone who is true ONE....hope you  had good one as  soon  as  possible.)
October 5, 2008
Just forget him/her because if he/she really loves you he/she won't prefer to have many experiences before having something serious with you !!!
when we love someone we're ready to do the possible to keep hthis person by our side not the opposite ^^
October 5, 2008
well i try to test him if he has the features that u need so u shall teel him the truth of ur feelings and that will be better for u because if he has the same feelings he will tell u then u will have a strong relationship
but if he doesnt have the same feelings u will get heart but u will pass through it because u will be satisfied that he doesnt like u and u should look for another
so the confession is the best way to tell him
October 5, 2008
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