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Are you agree with me that the english grammer is not necessary for english learning Are you agree with me that the english grammer is not necessary for english learning,
2 de oct de 2008 20:30
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Usually someone who speak English as their native language wouldn't have much problems with grammar since they have already learned the basics of spelling, sentence structure and the sound of the language itself. Therefore they able to develop a sentence in a very natural way when the speak and write. It means that they develop their understanding to grammar naturally. Unlike the non-native speaker, we have the tendecy to follow the grammar rules when we speak and write. As a result, our language tend to be stilted and incorrect. Because we learn by copying from what we read and heard, even though we don't quite actually undestand what have been spoken and written. But i think, grammar is still very important
2 de Mayo de 2009
In fact, just like some people say that English grammar is not the most important point in saying English fluently. However, learning English is a great project. Grammer is a crucial part in learning English.
1 de Abril de 2009
If we could regress and become like children again we would probably be able to acquire a language the way they do.  But we have all been through various similar types of formal educational systems and in that process have become conditioned to believe that we learn in a certain way.

26 de Febrero de 2009
My dear friend! English grammar is  necessary for English learning. If you speak long sentences then it is necessary.  But It is necessary to first leave shyness to speak English. This rule is applicable for all languages. A children don't know grammar of any language but he/she speaks and after somedays or month he/she speaks very well that language. So first it is necessary to leave shyness and start to learn any language
22 de Febrero de 2009
In China, we learn English grammar and our teacher emphasis on it very much at middle school, but when we enter the college level, they do more work on our listening and speaking for us who do not major in grammar  is helpful for beginners who do not speak it as a native language and who do not have a good language environment. that is my personal experience.
10 de Febrero de 2009
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