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Koncking on the Table   when u eat at restaurants in China,u can  find something interesting.when the waiter finished pouring the tea,often the customer  won't say "thank u",but instead knocked 2 knuckles on the table.why knock on the table meant "thank u"?there is a story i want to share with u.
  China was ruled by emperors for several thousand emperor decided to travel around his empire and see for himself how the country and its citizens were doing.this was actually hard to do,however,because he had hundreds of people accompanying him everywhere and everyone prepared their best for his arrival.therefore,the emperor decided to travel in disguise and to travel with only two trusted aides, so that he could move about freely without being recognized.
  One evening during their journey,the emperor and his aides were eating dinner at a local restaurant.the aides were very nervous about eating at the same table as the emperor,because this was never,ever done.but the emperor insisted that they eat together to maintain his disguise.
  when the tea arrived ,the emperor did something that stunned his aides;he lifted the teapot and personally served tea to them.his aides wanted to fall to their knees and kow-tow to the emperor,which they normally would have done at the palace,but that would have blown their instead,they each balled up their right hands into  a fist,stuck out their index finger and third fingers like a pair of legs,and bent them at the 1st knuckle,like knees.they then tapped the "knees"on the table to signify their kow-towing.this way they could respect emperor without giving away his identity.
  so now,if someone pours tea,bear,water,etc. for u ,u can also show  ur thanks by tapping ur knuckle"knees"on the table.
Oct 3, 2008 9:18 AM
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Thanks for the beautiful story. I love chinese culture very much!
Looking forward for more! 
October 23, 2008
knocked 2 knuckles on the table... This unique and Interisting =), but at China restourants in Indonesia, why the waiter dont doing this?
October 4, 2008

sometime i will:)
but  when in western restaurants one neednt and shouldn't do that.
by the way,thx to join in my team,hope u enjoy it.

October 3, 2008
Thanks for the tips. I didn't know this story. Do you knock on the table too?
October 3, 2008
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