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the Chinese seating chart seating location holds very different importance in China than in most Western countries.In fact, great care must be taken to seat people properly to avoid offending anyone.
in China,the tables r usually round and seat ten at a time.the seating position corresponds to a person's importance rather than to gender.the person sitting farthest from the entrance is the guest of honor.this seat is reserved for the most senior person according to social hierarchy.the person closest to the door,usually opposite the guest of honor,is the person who will be paying the check.that person is not necessarily the main host.for ecample,he could be the assistant to the main host who will take care of the bill.everyone else around the table is seated according to rank.people close to the guest of honor r ranked higher,people close to the door r rankes lower.
there is usually a turn-table,or"lazy susan"in the middle of the table to make sharing of dishes easier.the waiters will always place an entree immediately in front of the guest of honor.only after he/she has taken a serving will the junior person turn the turn-table to serve the others.
Oct 4, 2008 1:18 AM
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