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choose the best way to live sometimes,i feel one shuold be enrich but make friends will waste a lot of  time.especially  in this times,so i hide  myself. then long time have passed.i find it is i want to happy everyday with my friends.and make new firends aroud my life.importantly,i want to speak with my friends in english .i am a chinese girl,i like climbing the mountain and exciting sports.from now on i decide change my you like it ?ha
Oct 7, 2008 6:05 AM
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i agree with you .i found i will change myself from now on. thanks for your advice .i will exert myself.
October 14, 2008
You hide yourself  and didn't want to be together with friends because there was only yourself in your heart. when you open your mind and let other people come in, you will be kind.
October 11, 2008
it is great ! nice to meet you !
October 10, 2008
I also have the same feeling with you.. sometimes I am afraid of chatting with my friend ,so my MSN always is offline. 
October 10, 2008
realiy? this promblem is trouble me a long time .i will walk out and bilive you will too!
October 10, 2008
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