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greeting from v.persie to all my friends
i have an idea,with consideration into the name of this group i will suggest to discuss the problems of italki here
whatever it was this problem
so first(what do u think of  those members who invest this site for inviting people to have sex?and what r the solutions?

Oct 7, 2008 8:25 PM
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and what about the files which dont download?

October 15, 2008
just delete them thats best
October 15, 2008
that is one idea
i suggest that the observesr of italki should give them a time if they didnt change thier behavior so they must delete him or what do u think?
October 8, 2008
yes i totally agree with you and those people are very rude and we can tell that they violate the rules and insulte others or we can write on their blackboard that they violate the rules
October 8, 2008
u r rught aly but how can we solve that?
also the big proble is that they try to write about sex
October 8, 2008
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