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American Culture Questions Hey, guys! I was looking forward to answering your questions! Until I realized...

I only have one question to answer.

So keep asking! Just because I made this topic doesn't mean I won't still answer questions...If you're unclear about answers, you have a question about American culture, or you have a question about learning English, I'll answer it here! I would prefer that you ask them on America Culture (the topic) because then when you come here, it'll be easier to find your question and you'll have to flip through less pages. KEEP ASKING!

So, here we go! First question!

Is it really true that western countries are known to be liberated that Asians...
by cheskah
Hmm, I was a bit confused about your question...I'm not sure if you mean "Is it really true that western countries are known to liberate Asians" or "Is it really true that western countries are known to be liberated by Asians". I'll answer both: As far as I know, America hasn't taken over any Asian countries...I'm pretty sure that the only place outside of America that we have as territory is Puerto Rico, maybe Guam. Likewise, we haven't been taken over by any Asian countries. I hope I answered your question, but if I didn't, ask again. Sorry, I wasn't sure what you meant (FAILURE!) . But you said you think you may visit America soon (or live, at the moment I forget what you said.). That's cool; hope you have fun.

I remember being asked these questions before, so I'll answer them now. I'll also answer questions anyone has when I receive them!
What is popular American music?
Let's see...Americans have different taste, but artists in general who are popular are Miley Cyrus (Disney Channel in general has pretty popular people), the Jonas Brothers, Alicia Keys (she's my favourite American singer *love* but my favourite of all is Utada Hikaru *EVEN MORE LOVE!*), Beyonce, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, T.I., Jay-Z, Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance...

The list goes on and on! Music choices get to be so diverse here that I can't name everyone! But those are people who are really popular that you might wanna check out...Jay-Z and T.I. are rappers, so if you're into that, you'll love them. My Chemical Romance and Linkin Park have that rock feel to them. Taylor/Carrie are country, Alicia/Beyonce are R&B, and Miley/JB are both pop.

Does America have gameshows like they do in Korea?
Yes and no. We have gameshows, but not like Korean ones. Korea seems to have a wider range of games and they seem to be more popular. American ones, like Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? is pretty terse. You answer questions along with a fifth grader and see who gets them right. If the adult loses, he/she has to say "I am not smarter than a fifth grader." If they win, they get money! Bet This House! is a gameshow where you answer random questions and if you get them wrong, you lose something from your house. If you get them right, you'll win something for it.

What does "crocodile tears" mean?
This is an English idiom, or saying, that is unique to only English. Crocodile tears are fake tears, so if you took something from someone, and they made themself cry, they'd be crying "crocodile tears". Crocodiles don't really cry (I think they force themselves to? Maybe they just don't at all...) so that's where the saying came from.

Oct 12, 2008 8:48 AM
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my friend, i want to know the story about the food, as you know american like apple pie,
secondly, which type coffee do you like, black or white. whether have some story for it
March 30, 2011
excellent response for american culture and  we can published one items periodicly, as everybody know it is a big issue. anyhow thank you very much, give us one space to exchange shares
March 30, 2011
So with how many countries aren't liberated in the west and in Asia, it's one for both. In that sense. we're the same with being liberated.
 I couldn't tell you how equal Taiwan and China are (seems interesting, though, I'll look that up and get back to you on it!), but Puerto Rico and America are equal. in that sense, the west is more liberated. 

Anyone correct me if I'm wrong.
October 13, 2008

Ohh! I get it! Haha, sorry! 
Cheskah, you speak English better than I do! I had to look up liberated! 

Okay, well, I think that western countries are either just as liberated or more liberated. Taiwan isn't liberated; it's controlled by China...That's the only country I know of that isn't its own in Asia. I don't know if Taiwan has restrictions or not that China doesn't have, so...

The US has Puerto Rico as land, and that is the only country I know of here that isn't liberated. Puerto Ricans, however, can do whatever Americans can do, I believe.

October 13, 2008
hhaha thanks sami..
sorry my fault....
my question it true that western countries are more liberated than asians...

but thanks a lot for your post..
i enjoyed reading it... :D
stay cool_--
October 12, 2008
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