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"in a word " or "in a words" when we conclude something ,we may use "in a word "or "in a words", but which one is right ? i have seen both of them in somewhere, but teacher said one of them is right .please tell me the answer ,thank you !
Oct 12, 2008 11:42 AM
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in a word 才对。。。 不过你要注意这个短语有 “一句话”的意思。。。 不一定有你说的 “to conclude" 那个意思 

那给你打个比方说: i know this guy.  he is always complaining, causes many problems and doesn't really appreciate other people's help.  IN A WORD, he has issues but we are still good friends.  it doesn't bother me to much that he always acts in this manner because i know deep inside he is a good guy and doesn't realize mean to be like that.  i often see this portrayed in people with low self-esteem... 等等
October 13, 2008
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