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english spanish exchange I am an spanish speaker and i am looking for anybody to speak english.  If you are interested to learn spanish, leave me a message please thank you.
14 de oct de 2008 17:26
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Hi / Hola! Soy un profesor de Inglés calificado, pero yo no estoy buscando trabajo aquí...   sólo para practicar con hablantes españoles-50/50¿qué te parece?  :)


skype: willworth

twitter @willworth

10 de Enero de 2013

Where are you from ?

18 de Junio de 2012

I`m not a native English speaker, but I speak English well, if you don`t mind, I could help you with english, and so that you could help me with Spanish?

19 de Febrero de 2012

Me too, i am spanish and also, I am looking for english spanish exchange. My skype is:

francisco javier estaire.

I think this is good idea to improve our learning languages.




16 de Enero de 2012
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