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jo jo
naming children a pregnant woman from virginia was involved in a car accident and,while in the hospital,she fell into a coma.when she awoke days later,the woman noticed that she was no langer carying a child, and asked"doc what happened to my baby;" the doc replied "ma'am you've had twins; you're the proud mother of a handsome baby boy and a beautiful baby girl ,also you should known that while you were in a coma your brother named the children for you"
"oh,no"shrieked the woman.not my brother he's not really all together ,if you know what i mean;"
the doctor replied"well;ma'am your brother named your daughter (denise)"
"oh,that's not so bad" smilled the woman.than hesitantly,she asked,"what's the boy's name"
the doctor grinned and said, "(denephew)"
2008年10月16日 02:26
Comments · 6 least he did something
lucky i dont have brother like that..LOL
 Very funny!!!     :D  :D  :D  
yes, that's what i'm talking about, that's intranslatable!

Oui, c'est ce que je parle, c'est intranslatable!

excelent one!      C'est excellente!
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jo jo
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