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Evidences of the God existence

believing in the God existence is the basic of faith, and faith of God existence stands on so many proofs , and they are alot we can not count them. Every creature carries evidences in himself let the person know that there is a God in life

(وفي الارض أيات للموقنين_ وفي انفسكم أفلا تبصرون21)(الذاريات)

(And in the earth are portents for those whose faith is sure. (20) And (also) in yourselves. Can ye then not see? (21)

Here Iam going to talk about some proofs

1-God existence is an inborn truth.

The God creates the people to feel him. When all people whether muslims or non_muslims have dangers or diseases and can not solve or treat them so they resort to a power in life they just feel it and do not know about it. So they feel that there is someone who can cure them.

Our prophet said every person is born as muslim but the parents help to change his religion. this is the conclusion of prophetic(hadith)

2-Thinking of life

A-If we take a look at space we will find stars,sun.moons and planets moving in a certain method and can not change their way. so does not that prove that there is someone who created that beautiful thing.

B-If we take a look at universe we will find earth,creatures,fruites and water also a sun rises on them from one side.does not that prove that there is someone who created that amazing universe

C-If we take a look at our body we will find a heart arranges the blood moving to all body parts accurately and we have brains can think,eyes can see, nose can smell and mouth can eat ……….etc.does not that prove that there is someone who created that.

3-watching is not a requirment to be faithful

We can believe in some things without watching it but we can feel it by its impact in life such as:(A)the gravity we can not see it but we can feel its impacts in our life (B)the air we can not see it but we can see its impacts when it lets the trees and clothes…….etc move.

(C) the electricity we can not see it but we see its impacts in life by lights

4-our prophet told us some prophetic(hadiths) about scientific things we could not understand them in his era but the new scientific machines could explain that and make all scientists whether muslim or non-muslim surprise and some of them announced his islam because of that


1-our prophet told us that the baby needs 42 days to start appearing his eyes,nose,mouth and ears…….etc. in his era no body cares for that because they do not have  scientific vehicles and we have known that later but the modern scientific machines proved that to american eurpean scientists  when they wanted to tell us that they surprised when we said we have known that before 15century ago

2-a scientist asked a muslim why do you say(alhamdollah) after sneezing the muslim said our prophet recommended that.the scientist started lookin for the reason behind that and made so many researchs and he could reach when the human sneezes the heart stops beating through the moment of sneezing like the deads heart so why did our prophet recommend saying(alhamdollah)?

So these two points lead that our prophet did not know that himself but there was someone telling him that. he is the God( how can our prophet know that the baby needs 42days or the heart stops beating)

Finally Iam just going to say as the God said in the holy quran

(لا تدركه الابصار وهو يدرك الابصار وهو اللطيف الخبير103)(الانعام)

(Vision comprehendeth Him not, but He comprehendeth (all) vision. He is the Subtile, the Aware)

Oct 18, 2008 8:39 AM
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Nice comment, of course you know that the ancient worship of the Sun is the basis of many religions
and in fact influences many modern faiths to a surprising degree.
There has been a fascinating statistic regarding the increase in literacy worldwide which also
decreases the influence of ignorance, superstition and religion. Education frees people.
This is partially in thanks to Mr Guttenberg who invented the printing press and made
books and the knowledge and education they provide accesible to everybody.
Although I admit the first thing he printed was the Bible!
However his invention inadvertently began the Scientific Revolution and finally made education and
knowledge available to everybody. Not just priests and holy men who were previously the only people who could afford to read or write.
Here is a website with some free books in honour of Guttenbergs legacy.


November 16, 2010
I worship the sun. Reason?

1) Almost all life on earth depends on the sun.

2) Because it gives us light.

3) Because nobody can ever get reasonably close to it without being turned to ashes; hence it is all-powerful.

4) And most of all it gives that hot chick in bikini a helluva tan.
November 15, 2010
I completely agree with jamieh, and this is not "evidence" at all. People migh "feel" a lot of things and it doesn't matter if it's real or not, it's not evidence and it proves nothing, it doesn't even mean it's real, our brains are capable of tricking us all in very different ways, specially when it comes to "supernatural" things.

And how can each person in the world be born as muslim? haha that's absurd, and why on earth do you mention it as a proof of god's existence? xD I don't understand how religious people can really believe ANYTHING, just because their "holy books" say so, and doesn't matter how insane or ridiculous it sound. It amazes me, really.

November 14, 2010
The irony of your point is that you speak of 'evidence,' yet you prove your point with absolutely nothing. Not a shred of evidence, Wow, I never knew that I was actually born a muslim? Well Thank you for enlightening me! You have saved me brother,  I wouldn't want to end up in hell for eternity because I was born in the wrong country and chose the wrong fictional deity!! Well I suppose that my Celtic ancestors are in hell now because yahweh or Jesus or Mohamed was born 500 years after they died and they never knew the TRUE GOD such a shame, so all previous humans and our ancestors are now in hell.  People like you just piss me off. My country has been divided  and disabled by Religious bullshit for 800 years.I was born a catholic christian and I have had that dogmatic crap shoved down my throat my entire life. Man does not need Religion to be moral. If you need an ancient book to make you moral then you are not.
God doesn't make me good, I do.

November 14, 2010
 Just my opinion, of course ;)
November 13, 2010
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