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learning French in Beijing Hey guys and girls,

I'm starting to learn French now and want to take some language courses in Beijing.
Anyone one has experience with some schools here?
I'm planning to join the Alliance francaise courses, but maybe you know better ones.

Oct 22, 2008 2:53 AM
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Dear Nithya,
this week is inscription time - if you still want to get into the courses you should hurry up!

The classes are taught in french, but the beginner classes are partly taught by chinese teachers,
so they will sometimes use chinese to explain questions.
There's another option for you to join the french courses especially for foreigners. The drawback is
that they only offer extensive courses (two times a week) so the progress is pretty slow. But
in your case this might be the better choice. Try to go to the Alliance francaise again in the next days,
I guess for the foreigner courses it's not too late yet.

February 6, 2009
Hi Till

I'm an Indian (I speak English), and I do not speak Chinese. I would be staying in beijing till june end. I am interested to take a French Language course and decided Alliance Francaise is the best option. I have a query though.

Are the classes at Alliance Francaise, beijing taught in English or in Chinese? If the classes are taught in Chinese i would not be able to understand and thus the course would not be useful to me. Also, are the instructors French nationals or chinese nationals?

i visited Aliiance Francaise at Chao Yang Men 2 days ago but they were closed,i suppose for the Chinese new Year? I tried calling them today also but there was no response.

Thanks a lot for the information

January 29, 2009
hi Annie,
thanks for your reply, just saw it now.
In the meantime I already started taking french classes at Alliance francaise.
Since I'm learning together with chinese students the progress is not very fast,
but teachers are good and the AF has very nice premises like classes and their media center
with alot of books, magazines DVDs and Cds... the right athmosphere to learn.
Furthermore the courses are very cheap, 2.200RMB for 100 hours. Ok, there around 15  students
in one course, but to focus on the grammar at the beginning it's ok. For fluency in speaking
you will need an additional language exchange or private tutour.

I would recommend it to annyone in Beijing who wants to get a first insight into the language!
January 14, 2009
Hey Till, nice to meet you!
Well, Alliance française is a good choice, but it costs a lot, i think...
Maybe you could join the fondation courses for students who major in french in the university, as to the short courses in some training class, i don't think it very useful for the beginners, you know, their main objects are to making money...
October 24, 2008
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