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Alma Zhou
Some delicious sanck in Wuhan,Hubei

 Is anyone like the food in China? Then I will give you some photos of famous snack in Wuhan. Maybe you will like them(*^__^*) ……

This is one of the most famous snack in Wuhan, nack of duck, maybe someone has taste it,it's very hot but delicious .It smells good.

If you get to Wuhan,you also can't miss the Wuchang fish. But I haven't tasted it. It's said that it is very delicious. I will eat it someday!(*^__^*) ……

热干面 re gan mian   noodle of Wuhan ,I have eaten it. It smells good .Most like it.

dou pi zi   I can't say it in English . It taste good,too!

beef in hot pot,It's famous in Gongan,my hometown, so hot,so delicious,

There are so many food I can't say their name in English. If you know,tell me ,please!

麻辣烫 ma la tang 

珍珠肉丸 zhen zhu rou wan 

周记欢喜坨 zhou ji huan xi tuo 

生煎包 sheng jian bao

小笼汤包 xiao long tang bao

千肠肉丝 qian chang rou si

泡菜苕丝炒肉丝 pao cai shao si chao rou si

粉蒸肉 fen zheng rou 

干烧鲶鱼 gan shao nian yu 

米粑 汽水粑 mi ba   qi shui ba 

面窝--“哭”的面包圈  mian wo --
doughnuts crying

and so on
Here just some ,you will find more in Wuhan 
(*^__^*) ……

Oct 22, 2008 6:06 AM
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that's a kind of stuffed bans. there are some soup with mince in it.
u know most stuffed bans just have mince in it .
But this, there are some soup in it.
October 22, 2008

macha allah
very nice
thank's for sharing

October 22, 2008
Alma Zhou
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