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Women in old China Hi everyone! I recently read the novel "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan", by Lisa See. It is a beautiful story of love and friendship back in the days of the empire, in the 19th Century.
It descirbes the lives of chinese women, who were feet-bonded at an early age, since this custom was supposed to enhance their beauty and improve their social status by marrying wealthier husbands.
Do you know anything else about this custom? Have you ever seen any woman with "golden lotus" feet?  
Oct 23, 2008 1:25 AM
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dear  mavi  :thank  you  for  intersting  in  chinese culture  ,"goden  lotus  "means  beauty  ,in  chinese  ancient ,it  was  regarded  as  elegance  and  beauty  by  men  !!    a  chinese  empero  marry  a  feet-bond  girl  !!
November 7, 2008
Thanks for your feedback Rachel. Unfortunately my knowledge in chinese is not high yet, so I could only understand part of the message.
I´m  very interested in the chinese culture, my current job is related to Asia so I have the chance to be in contact with it everyday. I hope I can travel to China soon, I´m looking forward to it.
Please stay in touch, thanks!
October 24, 2008
      dear Mavi,my grandmother has "golden lotus"feet.when she was young,her feet were bonded.
  mow,sometimes,it is too easy  to by shoes for her.
     "golden lotus" feet,in chinese,you can say "san cun jin lian"(三寸金莲), ke jia nv ren shi han zu nv xing zhong wei yi mei you chan guo zu de ,ta men da dou zhu zai shan qu,qin lao jian pu.
      ni zhi dao ma ?bei jing 2008 ao yun hui nv zi beng chuang guan jun he wen na jiu shi ke jia ren,cong ming yong gan.
October 23, 2008
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