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Hello! everyone. I'm Chu, female. Hello!

My high school days were full of Marilyin Manson, and Korn, I started to get into Dark wave and Gothic/Death/Black/Fold metal....from then on, my love for Scandinavian/Celtic culture bursted, haha, my favourite bands are :

1,Empyrium, a German band, there 1999 album <Where At Night The Wood Grouse Plays>is amazing. If you love forest as me do, you'll love the acoustic guitar. 

2,Eels ,  indie, or alternative, or Britpop, ahh, who cares, funny coldness, I recommend you to listen to eels when your tears dry out. really really beautiful compounding of sounds. 

3,HIM, from Finland, well, I'm a girl, I can't resist Ville, " Will you join me in death tonight..." Oh lord..

4,Forest  of Shadows, melodic Death metal, not many know them, sincere and low. 

5,Tori Amos,  Elegant yet crazy.

oh, I know there are more , just can't recall them all in such a sunny afternoon. 
I really apreciate anyone who could recommend me some Nordic Folk music, Thank you! Takk!
Nice to meet you guys, happy grumpy !
Oct 24, 2008 8:17 AM
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