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How can I improved my poor English?

hello everyoneone ! my  english is  notso  poor ,so  i came to  this  group to learning english.and i hope we can  become good friends with  everyone in talking .who can  help me ?thanks !~

25 de oct de 2008 6:46
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thank you for you  answer,you are right,i will follow.
2 de Noviembre de 2008
Try talking with your close ones in english. Friends are the best option. Communicate with each other and learn together will help solving this problem. If you can, learn a fixed number of words etc. 5 per day. If you do that you will learn at least 35 words a week, and it gets even more month by month.

Move to a country that only speaks in engish, that way you will either sink or swim. Talk to people using msn by microphone. How else can you learn to speak fluent, if you do not interact with them?
29 de Octubre de 2008

I think u might change the poor to limited in order to make this sentence more correctly.

28 de Octubre de 2008
thanks! om can i find you?
28 de Octubre de 2008

god help you!!!!
hello wangyi.we are partner in poor
i speak arabic.i wish i know your language to help you!!!!

25 de Octubre de 2008
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