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What does a university education mean to you?  
29. Okt 2008 01:59
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All of you are right from yourselves。
31. Oktober 2008
A university education, which is an important part of the life, i think, there you could enlarge your vision, learn lots of things by yourself and make your own decision... You could start to be successful, and also be used to monotonous life...
31. Oktober 2008
i have to admit i am conventional. it means a lot to me.maybe i should say it's not university educaton that mean a lot to me, but the entry to university. as teachers and partents put in my mind, it's only way i can have a have job;the only i can walk out of my little town to go outside to broaden my horizon. so i had been studing hard to make my way to university. i did it. now time flies. i am in my fourth year and will graduate half a year later. 
30. Oktober 2008
the second important things in my entire life.
29. Oktober 2008
I think it is Self-study, self-improvement.
29. Oktober 2008
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