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what i think of algeria well i will say the truth and i dont wana u to be angry
iam in algeria and it is hard to live here but i will bear that coz all life is dificult
the arabic here is so week and people dont like to talk arabic they prefer french
also the guys always insult and mock at the forigners and i have just to talk with the old men
also the computers dont write arabic hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh iam shocked of happened to them also alot of people here is not that helpful i said alot of them not all of them
they feel narrow quickly
finally i just want to say thank u for them and iam trying to adapt with that
Nov 1, 2008 9:40 PM
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yes,this is right
December 7, 2008
Everything seems to be in it's right place, the first impressions are always deceptive and the satisfaction has finally come....
December 7, 2008
Nice to hear that Man! And sorry to not visit you while your stay in Algiers; you know how things are there. Constantine is less crowded than Algiers, and its university is known. Wish you good luck in your studies buddy.
December 7, 2008
for me i think that all arab countries have its problem i think that not alheria only but all arab country the arabic which was the base sorry that i say  was but it is the true and we should know that as all of us proude of that he learn english orhiseducation was on foreign school so i think that the problem in our brains and the big problem that all arab refuse to admit that they have problem always they feel that they on the right way so nothing else isimportant thats my opinion thats what i see on my country egypt
December 6, 2008
good to hear that...u'll change all ur bad ideas about  Algeria...its a matter of time..u'll be great here inchaa allah.
November 27, 2008
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