Portuguese or Spanish?

So, I really want to learn Portuguese. But given the fact that I live in California, USA, I feel obligated to learn Spanish and then Portuguese, if I do eventually learn both. 


Is there anyone out there who learned Portuguese then Spanish or vice versa? If so, how was your experience being able to practice both languages to a decent extent? That's the main thing I'm worried about with Portuguese is that I won't be able to practice it enough to reach a decent level. My home state is FILLED with Spanish speakers.

Apr 15, 2014 4:07 AM
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Well, my first language is Spanish and I am learning Portuguese, so I can say you that these 2 languages have a lot of similaties and a lot of different things. If you are going to study Portuguese, you would pain attentions somes words and verbs conjugations. By the way these languages have a lot of thing in common and you have this point in your advantages. :)


My advice is that first study one language and latter the other.


Sorry if my English is not good.

April 16, 2014