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<a href='/article/73/ritmo-y-sabor-traditional-music-and-dances-from-latin-america' target='_blank'>“Ritmo Y Sabor”: Traditional Music And Dances From Latin America</a>

Many influences from different cultures have provided the Americas with a mixture of traditions that form an important part of history. This diversity is best expressed in the music of Latin America. The songs and traditional dances reflect the idiosyncrasy of “Latinos”. The dances are cheerful and full of different stories, usually combining European, African and indigenous rhythms. The following is a compilation of some of the most famous dances of South America:

Apr 15, 2014 12:00 AM
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l really enjoyed it when l was reading. Thanks a lot for this, just a few days later l will be in Sao Paulo, Brasil and that's for sure l will keep those things in mind ;))

July 21, 2014

You are right! Here in Brazil, all is amazing and fabulous! Everybody, in any moment, have seen anything about this nation, and certainly, like. i love my city, it's diferent. :))

April 24, 2014
Y samba de Brazil
December 4, 2017

"para mover el esqueleto" haha, I like the way you say it :)


If that is the kind of music you want, then you would definitively love music from the Caribbean area of the Americas. Countries such as my own (Chile) don't have a lot of traditional music which will make you want to move "el esqueleto" (instead there are bands in my country that copy rhythms from Colombia and Cuba). That being said, I could recommend the following "classics" of "música movida"


Celia Cruz - la vida es un carnaval (Cuba)


Juan Luis Guerra - las avispas (República Dominicana)


La Sonora de Tommy Rey - Se murió Tite (Chile)


Rodolfo Aicardi y la típica - tus besos son (Colombia)


Carlos Vives - caballito (Colombia)


I hope you like :)


December 27, 2014

Marco, I'm trying to collect songs I like "para mover el eskeleto" to do exercise to and I don't much like modern pop music in general. I would like to find songs with a more traditional flair that make you want to move. I appreciate the outline of the different types of latin music, but a song is worth a thousand words! Would you mind choosing what you personally think are a couple of the best songs from each type and posting either the name or a youtube link for us so that we can hear examples of the "best of breed"?


Thanks for the great article and thanks in advance for suggestions. 

December 27, 2014
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