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The harm and the use of the tattoo and piercing.

What do you think about the tattoo?Did you have ever tattoo?What do you think about a diffent kind of people a such as a goths,a hippie a emo?i have recently seen a gear that tell and show how people make fun of yourself pricking every inch their body .it is seem that  for  many people is ridiculous for other is fine.Old man was covered with the tattoo whole his body.Couple young do yourself the tunnels in their ears and in their noses also.Also There is a danger of the penetration of the contagion in the body over the blood if the needle are no pure.  But i think the tattoo looks enought nice if do not abuse this.


Apr 22, 2014 4:48 AM
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Tattos are ok with me. Actually i have one. It's a phrase: "Dare to dream". The point of having a tattoo is to keep in you body something that have a meaning for you. I don't like people who have tattoos just to fit or please others and you can see that when you ask if the tattoo they just got have any meaning.


I don't like piercings but it's ok if people want use that, personally i see all that stuff disgusting. :D


Before getting any tattoo you should check if the artist uses new needles, they can't be reused. I guess it's the same everywhere but here in Argentina it's mandatory to use a new needle everytime you're getting a tattoo.

April 22, 2014