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You want to have your own business . . . Me too,

I think most of us dream to have their own business,


For me, I have alot of ideas, but one of them is a dream to have my own bookstore,
but it will not be like any bookstore,
I don't know how it will be looks like yet,
but I am sure that I will create a very unique bookstore,


One of my friends dreams to own a resturant,
he told me that his resturant will not allow people to choose the food,
but the resturant will choose for them,
sounds very stupid idea, but who knows,
there are alot of stupid ideas which got success,


So, what about you ?
what is your idea about your own business ?
Company, Shop, Resturant . . . . . or what ?

Please native speakers, remember to correct my language,

Apr 24, 2014 8:41 AM
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i also want have own a resturant .i have seen in a serial the idea as if a consumer will be catered in full  dark or musicians will be singing there

April 24, 2014

if there is an opportunity I would like to own a boutique

April 24, 2014

I would like to have my own cookie shop but this is impossible. 

April 24, 2014