Let's discuss how you learn English well

Many people asked me about how to learn and improve their oral English. 

From my perspective, I think there are a few tips to follow.

First, you need to memorize the words. By that, I mean, you need to be able pronounce them correctly and spell them out when you are pronouncing the words. Trust me, it works.


Second, you need to read the passage which includes all the words you have just learned. In the way, you get to review the words a second time, which helps strengthen your memory of the words.


Third, keep reading the same passage over and over again, til you are quite familiar with every single word; til you are able to recite a few sentences unconsciously, so that you can improve your fluency of your speaking.


Fourth, English is not all about words and pronounciation, but also about the phrases, because when you have mastered a lot of phrases, you can easily make a sentence. Let me give you an example. let;s say, you have "form the habit of doing sth.". 

with that phrase, you can easily make a sentence. I have formed a habit of reading English every day.  

you see, It is quite easy. But the importance of phrases is often overlooked.


In conclusion, when learning english, spell the words out, read passages a lot, remember to jot down English phrases.


good luck with your journey of English learning.


Apr 24, 2014 1:43 PM