Am I an English writter? looking for help with this text.

My interest on writing was born from my love for books, tales and great stories. As a child I discovered the possibilities of joy that many books kept. Therefore I decided to become part of that world by creating my own stories. So in the end my life as a writer can´t be separated from my life as a reader.

As a teenarger I won two literature awards at high school. I am currently writing on a online Cultural magazine. The way I see it when you write news for other people is very different from writing you personal stuff. It is hard to put your own opinions aside. I often ask myself about the convenience of this attitude. ¿Does objectivity really matter for writers?

I have had many memorable writing experiences. However the process of creating my first novel was the most rewarding among them. The concentration and the hard work needed to accomplish the whole novel is a unique experience that cannot be easily described.

Finally, I think writing is above all a way to inner knowledge, a path to get to know yourself better and to be able to express it in unexpected styles

Apr 25, 2014 1:36 PM