Any polish cooking website?

I found some, but there are mostly about foreign recepies and just a few polish ones...

Since I love to cook and collect recepies,It would be cool to learn making polish traditional food. 

By the way, what is your favorite polish dish?

Apr 25, 2014 9:46 PM
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There's a lot of Polish traditional and regional dishes and products. Every region/voivodship has its own, unique cuisine. The richests ones are these of Silesia, Pomerania, Lubelskie, Podkarpackie, Małopolskie, Wielkopolskie.

If someone seeks for recipes, write me a message, I'll find or help in finding ones. I personally like all kinds of Pierogi, especially with spinach (especially those which dough is full of it, regional specialty from my region)and all of kind of soups or stews, (like Forszmak Lubelski, typical for my region).

August 15, 2014

Start with

It is a portal which links most of Polish culinary blogs.

August 15, 2014

Try Silesian food, this is also part of regional Polish food :). Anyway soup that you maybe don't know and is very good is "barszcz czerwony" -

June 10, 2014

I've mentioned somewhere on "discussions" about this:


I strongly reccomend it, as an others Polish meals preparing for Christmas Eve .  

April 27, 2014
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