Can someone be a good teacher without being trained to teach?


How to correct correctly?


I like this site… actually – I love it.


One of the activities I enjoy the most is making corrections. It allows me to do one of the most favourite things I have done in my life; play with the English language. It seems this has been with me since a very early age, although it has also gone through long periods of latency as my life changed and turned in different directions and into different circumstances. When I was in school many years ago I remember a guy coming up to me with a scribbled love letter that he wanted to give to a girl he admired. He thought it was written very badly so he showed it to me seeking an opinion. I re-wrote it for him – something that seemed very natural for me – and he walked away feeling amazed and very happy. I’m not sure how things went with him and the girl but I do remember the experience vividly; I can even now still see his messy handwriting and spelling mistakes as a distant image in my mind.


So it’s no surprise to me that many years later I have become so absorbed in doing a similar thing here at italki.


However, I am not a qualified teacher: I’m just someone who loves language. I also understand that to teach effectively there are certain techniques and principles which I should follow, and I’m hoping that I will learn some of these while I am here. I also wonder though if in some way I am already applying some of the techniques and principles in an unconscious way, but I can’t really know this because I’ve never been trained to teach. And so I am lead back to my original title and question.


Can someone be a good teacher without being trained to teach?


I welcome anyone, teachers and student alike, who are interested in this question to offer their thoughts ideas, and in particular I would greatly appreciate any constructive criticism. You are also welcome to browse any of the corrections I have made and tell me if you think they are effective or not. I want to be able to share knowledge, and I will do this better when people share their knowledge with me.

Apr 26, 2014 5:57 AM
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Sir, I'm sure you are an excellent writer, from your question text.


You did good job on corrections. But teaching lesson is mor compound activity than text corrections. You need to get training to be professional. I think anything is possible if you just do it, don't you think so?attend a training and get a teaching certification. Then develop your teaching techniques in lessons, You will certainly become an excellent teacher.

April 26, 2014