Yeon Feng 封妍
Whats ur nationality?Please show it here ?We will be friends.I'm from China.

Xian Yang City ,China.

Apr 26, 2014 6:27 AM
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Hi Hatty! I'm Alba and I'm from Spain. How are you? :)

April 26, 2014

Hello Hatty:


   Denver, Colorado,    USA

April 26, 2014

Hi everyone.

I'm Tùng, I come from Việt Nam, and I live in Hanoi. 

I want to make new friends over the world.

So, We are exchange culture of each others own country. 

And We will improve English language and Knowledge of each other?

Do you think so?

So, let follow me. We can chat about everything. Example: Culture, technology ( I am a petrochemical student of Hanoi University of science and technology), lifestyle, etc....

Have a nice day. 

April 26, 2014

Hi. I am from Ukraine, from Lviv , and my nationality ukrainian. I can speak Russian and Ukrainian. I have started learning English - maybe 6 or 7 days ago... I will be glad to make new acquaintances .. but my English sooo bad now ))) But i really like meet new people from different parts of world -It is very interesting and just amazing :) If you wanna - feel free and join to friends, I'll be glad. Good luck ! P.S. Excuse me for my English :)

April 26, 2014

I'm from Russia and I have Russian , Jewrish , Polish , Lithuanian , Ukrainian and Belarusan backgrounds.

April 26, 2014
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