is anyone here to teach me chaina?

I know alittle very alittle china,

i want to learn how can i writte in china!


Apr 26, 2014 10:47 AM
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Hi, baran. I am a native Chinese speaker, and I have followed you. You said that you want to learn Chinese, maybe I can help you. If you have any problem about learning Chinese, you can message me on italki.

Chinese: 你好,baran。 我是一个说汉语的本地人,我已经加你为好友了。听说你想学习一点中文,也许我可以帮助你。如果你有任何关于学习中文的问题,你可以在italki上通过我。

June 3, 2014

Maybe you could find a teacher.Good luck~

April 26, 2014

haha,chinese is hard to read,because of its special tone.

April 26, 2014

Why not post your question to a Chinese discusion?



April 26, 2014