what do you think about virtual friend?

In these past 3 months, i gained more virtual friend than real friend. it seems more easier to find the virtual one but its look like a fake friend which you couldn't meet anytime you want.

how do you value your virtual friend and have you ever meet them?

Apr 27, 2014 6:45 AM
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i have friends online too , but it is not virtual , they are not robots , they are living in the world and you know it . not everybody is lucky can find many good friends in real , expecialy a soul mate . we can make video call with friends , they are talking with you how can them be virtual . maybe one day you will have chance to travel to meet them or they come your country for you 

April 27, 2014

Hello. I think - Internet, social networks,Skype - it is tools of communication. Very good tools. And we really can have a friend of any part of world. So.. it's just amazing ! It's hard to say (in English)... This tools of communications really destroyed any cordons and any walls, erased the line between space... It's wonderful ) And virtual friend - it is really human - who dreams, loves, hates, live... So.. And what different between "real" and "virtual" friends ? Yes, in one day a see one my best virtual friend in life ))). But... it is a long story ))) Sorry for my English, Good luck !

April 27, 2014




 I value my virtual friends highly sometimes. There are several students that I have been teaching for over a year.  We meet for an hour each week and I am very fond of them;  but they all have a singular quality. They are serious about learning.


 I think that one of the common errors one finds  amongst people who say they want to practice language, is that  sometimes the person  is seeking a    personal friend  while  being unable to actually follow "teaching".


    Also,  one of the phenomena  associated with the initials days of Internet Communications can still be seen to be active.  This is the phenomena of "Projection," in which someone ascribes to their  new Internet   Friend,  all  the qualities that they seek in a person, even if the person has little virtue in them.  


  I have found that those people who seem to have less excitement about making friends or finding  a  "lover,"  and who dedicate themselve to real learning, always make the best friends. They seem capable of a more genuine  intimacy.

April 27, 2014

       How could you be that ignoreful?

April 27, 2014