Becoming Jane

I've just seen the movie <em>Becoming Jane. </em>It is so late to see such a good story though a lot of people have recommended this movie to me before. (Yep, I am that kind of person that will hardly see a movie or listen to a piece of song simply because others recommend me to till I find it interests me by accident. So are many others, I guess.)

And the movie, I found, is much alike to the movie <em>Pride and Prejudice</em>--traditional family with a son and several beautiful daughters, one of whom is much different from the others in values, a traditional mother who has always dreamed about marrying her daughters to the wealthy, a kind father who is always on the back of his daughters, and of course, a distinguished handsome gentleman who at first has unpleasant experiences with the heroine but falls in love with her at last after they spending some time together and getting to know more about each other... but the ending is quite different, and unexpected, and beautiful. In fact, I watched <em>Pride and Prejudice </em>before this one and now I know that it's a story written from this story.

Another thing I want to talk about, is about the English language they speak in this movie. The long sentences using uncommon and recondite words, I have to say, are rather confusing to me. *_*  Finally, I gave up guessing what they actually mean and looked at the translated Chinese subtitles. Beautiful language though it is, it's like the ancient Chinese prose, classical and literary. But I wonder, do all the British people today speak in that way too? If yes, I should probably start to learn about it because I want to go to England oneday,haha. 


Apr 27, 2014 10:26 AM
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Thank you for your sharing!

I've read the book<em> Pride and Prejudice</em> after watching the movie, and I love Mr. Darcy too, and the costumes, the way people speak, the big castles, the British accent and especially the country dance. 

I'd like to see the novels later and I believe it'd be a great fun for me. 

April 27, 2014

I recommend staying with Jane Austen and reading some of her other novels rather than a modern day adaptation that in my opinion is rather silly.  i agree that casting an American for the role of Jane did not work out successfully.  I only watched the trailer, and I could not believe her performance as Jane.  It was too contrived.

On the other hand, my daughter and I had a series of four videos that we watched as she got ready for school in the morning.  A documentary about Lewis and Clark and their Corps of Discovery, a wonderful documentary about penguins, a third documentary about visiting southwest China, and Pride and Prejudice.  We loved Mr. Darcy. We loved the costumes and the dialog.

My daughter and I each read the book to see that our video was true to the narrative of the story. My daughter learned the language of the nineteenth century British novel that I had come to love from reading so many of these novels by a variety of authors.

If you want an American movie with a great scene of European dancing, I recommend A Knight's Tale with an Australian lead actor.

April 27, 2014