Need help in understanding few sentences?

Hi I am little confused if there is any difference between these two sentences.

1) How long has she been gone for?

2) How long has she been gone?


Also I am always confused when to start an interrogative sentence with Does/Do and when with Is/am/Are? Any easy rule to remember/follow?


I would highly appreciate any help you could provide here.





Apr 28, 2014 2:42 AM
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The sentences mean the same thing. It is grammatically incorrect to end a sentence with a preposition (for), so the 2nd sentence is better.


Do/Does should be followed by an infinitive.


Do you work?

Does he cook well?



Am/Is/Are should be followed by a participle.

Are you running?

Is he coming?

Am I doing this right?


Hope this helps! :)

April 28, 2014

Thanks a ton Cailin for a quick response. Actually I thought the first sentence means for how many days she is gone out of town/country etc and the second one means how many days are past she is gone but if both the statements mean the second one only then pl let me know how to ask to find out for how many days a person is gone out of town?


Actually I am not confused in the usage of Do/Does and Is/am/are when it comes to the simple sentences like Do your job, do you think, are you listening etc but just a little bit complicated sentences like to change these sentences in to interrogative ones. 1) Your family lives here or 2) This thing works well. I get confused whether I should start it with Is/am/are or Do/does. Whats the rule?




April 28, 2014