What comes first, love or work?

I was recently in Japan and people work a lot there, I saw a lot of couples that seemed really distante from each other. Also some of my japanese friends tell me that people in Japan are focusing more in jobs than relationships. I would like to hear everyones opinion on this. How is it in your country? and if you are japanese what do you think of this?

Apr 29, 2014 1:07 PM
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If your married or just dating, love should come first, but you have to work to support the love you have for your spouse.

April 29, 2014

Japanese Couples are not used to show affection in public that's why they seem distant to each other but as I said, only in public...Love should be first,it makes you better. Studying, working, everything is better with some love in your heart. :)

May 3, 2014

Love in a job.

ahah Kidding


Some country have a mentaly more focus in work than anothers special the asians, I watched a documentary about a ports of boats in Greece where 2 ports are Chinises and 1 Greek and the "boss" who is manager the part chinise say "We don't need trade union", why some persons work at 57 and anothers at 70+? for stay all day in beach, we live for work and not for vagrancy" something like that

I personaly don't search the love I think is a "thing" happen by chance, I focus in things I like and in the job

May 3, 2014

Hello :)) Sincerely I'm not surprised about your account. I think they focus their time in jobs because competence is big nowadays and love can wait. But if we look at it from the news we'll see that Japan has the best technology and they are always improving, and not only that, education is highlighted. We should take example from them.

They work for their families and even for their satisfaction. Some people think that ''a lot of work'' is a burden but it's also a proof of ambition and self-improvement. I look up to them because to me they serve as an example.

And in regards to love, it depends more on person than on society. You can love someone as well when you're tired. But I think here has influence the respect each other has. They may don't show their feelings in public as others do. Or it's true that stress or routine has his role.

Let's see other countries where just exist parties and parties. Do you think love are there more than in hardwork places?


Have a nice day :)) (Sorry my English mistakes)

May 2, 2014

If I had a relationship, that would have been my first priority. Cause probably I would get married and start a family, and work is important in that case too, but family would be the most important thing. And to have a family you kind of have to have a relationship with someone. 

Here in Norway, I think people prioritize work before relationship, and that is the reason why most relationships just die out. And It's sad...

May 2, 2014
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